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About me

I loved the night sky since I was a child.

Those small sparkling dots captured my imagination about distant worlds and their alien inhabitants.

When I was 12 I grinded my first telescope mirror  to make the night sky come a little brighter.

With this primitive 5" F12 Telescope I first imaged the moon and planets with a hand held film camera with very little success.

My first CCD camera was a Meade LPI which changed my world.

I learned to enhance the faint details for the 'WOW' effect when you look at an image and wish your wife let you put it on the living room wall...

As you will see, I love to image and even more, I love image processing...

Many times, I see nice fellow Astroimagers collect superb data with cutting edge instruments only to publish a mediocre  dull images without extracting their full potential.

Many people can't cope with the demanding learning curve of todays sophisticated image processing software - but, they like their captured pictures to be as "nice" as possible...

Some of them reached out and I processed their images with full Confidentiality for them to publish in many sites and magazines.

Ethics - some will say it's not ethical to publish something you didn't process....Hmm...think of me as the local lab where you took your camera FILM to be exposed and printed.


I have the time...You have the data...let's make nice pictures!

Please see my free image processing tutorials:

Some nice images can be seen down here....


ngc 3572-001-hubble color crop.jpg
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