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My service comes in 2 simple ways

File sharing service - you send me your files and I process them on

my own time 

Online processing services - online video based processing where

you can see how I process and it's like a lesson

(we need to find the time that fits both of us...)

The pricing is according to the method you choose and the processing class


File sharing pricing


Economy class

Simple calibration and initial stacking and basic processing :

DDP, Histogram adjustments, color enhancements, color gradient

elimination-  49$

Business class

As the above, plus heavier processing to make a nice image  -

 Use of masks for local enhancements, noise reduction, framing ,bad star

corrections, vivid vibrance - 99$

For every 3 Business class you buy - You will receive 1 upgrade to First class

First class

Advanced image processing for the best possible outcome - a picture

good enough to be published in a magazine  - price varies*

* Since each image is unique and the outcome derives from the data

   quality, prices may vary accordingly.


To get an offer you will need to send me a sample of your data for

evaluation for it's potential.



Online processing services

* Image processing step by step

* Software familiarization for processing 

* Tips and Tricks 


 Online video pricing - 80$ per hour.

(For every 5 lessons - 1 lesson FREE )

NGC 2467 small3.jpg

You can book a session or image processing by paying with PayPal here:

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