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Q & A

How do we start?

1. First use the 'CONTACT' form or email me.

2. I will ask you to send me some files of your object for evaluation to determine its processing 'class' potential.

3. According to the service you wish -  Please arrange the payment with PayPal at the bottom of the OFFERS page.

4. We will schedule a video processing lesson or file sharing at your convenience.

5. Let's make nice pictures....

Why process for others?

I love to process, and I'm good at it.

Some people don't have the time or the skills to learn steep learning curve programs - they just want to show off their astronomical images.

How do I pay?

The simplest way is by PayPal or a bank transfer.

Why is the service so costly?

Processing an image is an art, sometimes to process a world class image takes many hours and even days.

The simplest image processing is 2-4 hours.

Which files/format  do you need in order to process my image?

The best files for processing are 4 jpeg channels:

L-R-G-B, when the luminance can be a jpeg file but a Tiff is preferred.

Same for narrowband images - The S2,O3 can be in jpeg format but the Ha should be in Tiff (since it is used as luminance)

Can l host you on my computer?

Sure - For 'Economy' online projects it is even better to use your computer - because of the large calibration files.

For other classes it also can be done...but keep in mind that I use many other programs that you might not have and the result won't be optimal.

What happens if I don't like your processing?

I will do my best to extract the DATA from your image and enhance it according to my vast experience.

The result will be sent for you for evaluation and remarks. usually we will need several rounds for optimal outcome .

I'm am NOT a magician (yet...) but sometimes the results are magical - I can't create something that isn't in the data.

After the evaluation phase I will be able to determine how deep and vivid  the processing can be.

How long will it take you to process my image?

Usually it will take a couple of days, but sometimes several user images are processed and it may take a little longer - The timeline will be delivered after the evaluation phase.

Some processing in the 'First class' can take many HOURS.

Will people know that you processed the image and not me?


My work is with full confidentiality - NO ONE will ever know.

There are many images out there at the leading sites,magazines even APODs that are my work...

I don't even have to know your name - you can remain anonymous!

A word on Ethics:

Some will say it is unethical to publish what you didn't process - my answer is from the camera FILM era:

When you took your film to the local photography shop for development and for printing -  you didn't had any problem with that...

See my service exactly as the above - I'm your developing lab.

No one states in the family photo album "developed with my favorite 42nd st photo lab..."

If you still have problems with the ethics see the previous topic.

Which software do you use?

Which software can you tutorial?

I use several software - each image usually goes through several iterations with several programs for example:

Stacking with Maxim DL

Deep processing with Photoshop

Enhancements with Pixinsight

Deconvolution with Maxim DL and Pixinsight

Star correction with Startools

Noise reduction with several programs.

Here is a list of programs I use and can Video base tutorial:


Maxim DL




Regarding your DATA Share service - After I buy the data it is mine to use?

YES - you can process it, publish it on your site with your credentials.

I will provide all the acquisition info : scope, mount, camera exposures...

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